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  Every client has a unique asset disposal situation, from the type of equipment requiring disposal to the level of services desired. Asset LifeCycle, LLC performs customized services to achieve the client's electronic recycling goals. Our purpose is to provide individually optimized electronic recycling solutions achieving the highest ROI for the client, while maximizing the security and eliminating client liability.

In order to obtain the best results for the client, Asset LifeCycle, LLC has developed the services below that can be customized to cater to our diverse client needs.

  Certified Destruction  

Eliminate exposure and environmental risk. Obsolete equipment should be properly recycled by a state authorized Electronic Waste Recycling and Reclamation Facility.

  Product Destruction  

Various companies request or even require certified destruction of their assets for security and liability reasons or even to ensure brand protection. ALC is prepared to handle your destruction needs. All assets requiring destruction due to age, condition, technology or customer proprietary reasons are sent through our automated destruction and separation system. Our automated system completely shreds whole assets and separates the various materials, such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastic, etc.

This service was designed for our Clients seeking the highest level of destruction for their assets, including: obsolete equipment, branded or indicia assets, medical equipment, return and off warranty items


The amount of confidential and sensitive information contained on storage devices is staggering. In the wrong hands this information can be used in consumer fraud and corporate exposure.

Our elite, professional data security and destruction services prevent accidental or illegal use of sensitive information, such as medical records, employee records, financial account information and other sensitive data.

ALC offers a variety of specialized data erasure or destruction methodologies to meet your security needs. We offer data wiping and sanitization services allowing the device to be resold or reused. For Companies that require a higher level of security, we offer complete destruction through a method of shredding services for all types of electronic media.

  Electronic Media or Electronic Data  

ALC can provide destruction of all types of electronic media including: Software, Hard Drives, Back-up tapes, X-rays, USB/Pen Drives, Memory, Flash Cards, Cell phones, etc.

The data destruction methods utilized by ALC meet or exceed security and privacy mandates. Our services comply with mandates requiring the permanent removal of customer and employee information, including:


HIPAA Compliant (Health & Human Services) - (CMS)


Sarbanes-Oxley Compliant (Wikipedia) - (Findlaw)


Gramm-Leach-Bliley Compliant (Banking) - (FTC)


FACT ACT Compliant (FTC) - (Wikipedia)


EPA Compliant (eCycling)


KDHE Permitted/Compliant (Policy) - (Application)


Reuse and Remarket


At ALC we believe the best method of Recycling is to Reuse. We understand and realize there are times when reuse of Client products is not an option; in that case we offer destruction as an alternate method of disposal.

Utilizing our knowledge and position in the Global Resell Market, we use our experience and expertise to refurbish and remarket our Clients’ assets generating maximum recovery values on their assets.

Let ALC maximize your return on your investments for your surplus and obsolete assets.

Complete: Assets Received, asset tracking (process), detailed product specifications, client asset and settlement reports (including sales and recycling), along with indemnification against recycling and privacy liabilities.

  Electronic Audit Reports  
  We understand it is important for you to know what is happening to your equipment. Conscience customers requesting asset disposition services deserve the peace of mind of knowing exactly what happened to their IT assets. We track your equipment all the way through our process to final disposition. This information is stored in our electronic database and readily available to our customers. Depending on the services required to meet your asset disposition goals, we offer the following reports:  
  • Settlement Summary - An extensive Settlement Summary is provided to our customers with details of the assets life and final disposition.
  • Release of Liability - When our clients select Asset LifeCycle, LLC to dispose of their electronic assets, they can rest assure we will provide the service as stated. It is our duty to responsibly handle their equipment and process it in accordance with all legal and environmental laws and regulations regarding e-waste. By providing a Release of Liability, we exempt the client from future risk and liability.
  • Certificate of Recycling - Equipment that is deemed non-marketable and considered e-waste is dismantled and prepared for recycling. We provide Certificates of Recycling to our customers guaranteeing the equipment was disposed of properly and according to all applicable laws.
  We purchase surplus or obsolete Corporate Assets  

 If you are a Company and have excess assets sitting around idle, sell them to ALC and free up value storage space and receive revenue for your equipment.


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