Asset LifeCycle
ISO 14001:2004 Certified
Asset Disposition Services by a Woman-Owned Business





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Security is the number one concern for ALC and for our Clients. We take the security of your confidential and proprietary information seriously. Privacy Rules exist to regulate the level of protection required to safeguard business and consumer privacy.


ALC is setting the standard for “Responsible E-Waste Recycling” in Kansas and across the nation. By continually monitoring and staying attuned to the rules and regulations standardizing the asset disposal, security and environmental channels, ALC is able to stay in compliance as the Industry continues to develop. Our asset management and internal programs exceeds the destruction standards set in force by the Department of Defense for media and asset disposal.


ALC has the experience and expertise to properly dispose of your secure and sensitive information. We have a proven and trusted method of destruction among: Banks, Hospitals, Universities, Investment & Securities, Government Agencies and Commercial Sectors.



Regulatory Compliance - ALC is in compliance with the following Privacy and Security Acts:


Facility – Secure facility – Controlled access entry
Employees – background check and drug screening
Surveillance - Cameras
GPS – Trucks are GPS


Phone: (888) 4-E-Cycle